To be effective using Chatbot AIs you need the right tools. Streamline your Chatbot workflows by using our prompt management platform. With features like searchable conversations, message bookmarks, and collaborative chats, ChatJointly has everything you need to turn ChatBots into productivity tools.

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Training and managing your own chatbots is time-consuming and expensive. Our platform allows businesses to quickly build and integrate chatbot solutions for their own customers without needing to invest engineering budget up-front.



ChatJointly Open Beta!

Posted 04/21/23 by Ben Parfitt

Introducing ChatJointly's upgraded chatbot platform, soon to enter open beta! 🤖🚀 Our platform provides must-have features for efficient utilization of conversational AI that's missing from existing platforms. This includes message bookmarking, quick response buttons, searchable conversations, and conversation sharing for seamless collaboration. We have support planned for ChatGPT (3.5 and 4), alongside Bard and others as they become available.

With no capacity limitations and free access during our open beta, we're looking for enthusiastic users to join us! Ready to streamline your chatbot experience? Sign up for our open beta!

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